Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Where would you live if you were offered your dream job?

This is survey by Human Capital Institute. They asked 3,000 employees and entrepreneurs with the following question:

Where would you live if you were offered your dream job?

Here is the results!


1. New York City
2. San Diego
3. San Francisco
4. Las Vegas
5. Los Angeles
6. Seattle
7. Denver
8. Phoenix
9. Chicago
10. Boston

1. New York City
2. Detroit
3. Los Angeles
4. New Orleans
5. Chicago
6. Las Vegas
7. Washington DC
8. Cleveland
9. Dallas
10. Miami

Key findings are:

  • This survey is like "brand image" research of major US cities among business men/women.
  • The largest cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are ranked in both most and least favorite ranking ---- this clearly shows American love-hate relationship for big cities.
  • Detroit, because of dwindling jobs, increasing crime, severe weather and troubled auto industry, are considered least favorite. This tendency is somewhat true for all Midwest-Rust Belt cities.
  • "Mid-Size" west coast cites such as San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle are very popular! I believe it is because of 1) mild weather, 2) environmental friendliness and 3) high-income jobs.
  • San Diego are usually ranked very high in this type of research. However, the challenge of San Diego (compared to SF/LA) is availability of high-paying jobs. In fact, the lack of high-paying jobs has accelerated San Diego's real estate depreciation. Once San Diego can offer abundant high-paying jobs, reality should catch up with great images.
As real estate investor, I closely monitor this kind of research as great branding of the city is very critical for future growth of cities globally. While Austin is not researched in this survery, one of the reason why I continue to invest in Austin is that Austin has been building great brand among American (see below link I posted previously).

It is Time to Travel to Austin Tx!

Happy Investing!!!!!!

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