Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Next Youth-Magnet Cities

Wall Street Journal has issued interesting survey results about "The Next Youth-Magnet Cities."

The Wall Street Journal sought out six of the nation's leading experts to rank the 10 U.S. cities they see as most likely to emerge as "youth magnet" cities after the recession—popular target destinations among young, college-educated, often single people setting out to start a career, find a mate or both.

Here is Top 10 Cities

1. Washington DC (Thanks for Obama administration's free-spending and his hip boss image!)
2. Seattle WA (High Tech & Hip life style)
3. New York City (If you can make it here, you still can make it anywhere)
4. Portland OR (Very hip and eco image --- if you have a job)
5. Austin Tx (Live music capital, high tech, etc..)
6. San Jose (Silicon Valley, Entrepreneurship, Get rich quick)
7. Denver (Great outdoor life style)
8. Raleigh-Durham NC (Research Triangle, Great universities)
9. Dallas Tx (Good economy)
10. Chicago IL (Hub of Midwest)
10. Boston MA (Mecca for highly educated college graduates)

While this ranking is nothing new, it is good indicator on where highly educated bachelor and master graduates will settle to start his/her real life. As I pointed out in previous posting, education and real estate price has strong correlations. If a city attract highly-educated young workforce, their economy will evolve and real estate price will go up.

Happy Investing!!!

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