Tuesday, 15 September 2009

America's Coolest College Towns

Article/Slide show from Travel + Leisure.

America's Coolest College Towns http://bit.ly/102Sz6

- Oxford, MS (University of Mississippi)
- Olympia, WA (Evergreen State College)
- Charlottesville, VA (University of Virginia)
- Austin, TX (University of Texas)
- Burlington, VT (University of Vermont)
- Boulder, CO (University of Colorado)
- Berkeley, CA (University of California)
- Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan)
- Madison, WI (University of Wisconsin)
- Chapel Hill, NC (University of North Carolina)

I have been posting about benefit of investing college towns. This article point out college towns' attractiveness as tourist destinations. As college enrollment in US is expected to grow over next 10 years, college towns are proven to be good place to invest as well as visits!

Why College Towns Are Looking Smart?

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Happy Investing!!!!

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