Saturday, 26 September 2009

Making Suburbia More Livable by WSJ

Related to my previous posting about mass transit usage and the relationship between housing value and walkability, WSJ has done very interesting article about "Making Suburbia More Livable" by building walkable neighborhood.

Below is the project Mableton, Ga:

Local officials are working on plans to fashion a community where people can live more easily throughout their lifetimes. To that end, the plans call for developing several "nodes":
  • 1) New housing and retail space and services would enable residents to age in place.
  • 2) An arts center would expand an existing amphitheater and add galleries and live-work units for local artists
  • 3) A new town center, coupled with greenways, would make Mableton more pedestrian-friendly.
  • 4) A civic center would include wellness and fitness centers.
  • 5) A historic area would feature restored homes and a commuter rail stop.
  • Details of proposed changes in Mableton (.pdf)

I believe you will see more and more of this type of projects in coming years!

Happy Investing!!!

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