Monday, 16 March 2009

Northeast US to suffer most from future sea rise

My previous posting was effect on sea rise in California.

This article from points out very interesting points; damage is bigger in Northeast US, compared to California.

- In general, 3 feet sea rise is expected by the end of this century.

- Extra 8 inches or so is expected for New York, Boston and other spots along the coast from the mid-Atlantic to New England.

- That's because of predicted changes in ocean currents, according to a study based on computer models published online Sunday in the journal Nature Geoscience.

- The study suggests Miami and much of the Southeast would get about 2 inches above the global sea rise average of perhaps 3 feet, and San Francisco would get less than an extra inch. Parts of southern Australia, northern Asia and southern and western South America would get less than the global average sea level rise.

Oh well, this certainly provide good perspective on damage to major Northeast cities.

Happy investing!!!

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