Thursday, 3 February 2011

Which large city (10 million+) has the least or best managed traffic?

A couple of interesting statistics that may help identifying least/best managed traffic among mega cities. It seems like mega cities in emerging markets such as Johannesburg, Sao Paolo, Mumbai/New Dehli are consistently rated least managed and public transportation heavy Paris, Tokyo and London are rated best managed.

Commuter Pain Index Out of 20 surveyed cities, Stockholm, Melbourne, Houston, NY and Montreal are ranked to least painful while Beijing, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Moscow and New Dehli are considered worst.

PwC 2010 Cities of Opportunity Study - Transportation Ranking.
Best: Paris, Chicago, London, Tokyo and Beijing
Worst: Johanesburg, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Toronto and Santiago

Transport-related Energy Consumption Gigajoules per capita per year Hong Kong, Moskow, Singapore, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Vienna, etc
Worst: Houston, Phoenix, Detroit, Denver, LA, SF, Boston, etc..


Best Commute In US Cities 
Among large metro, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Portland, Cincinati, Philadelphia, Boston and Detroit are ranked high

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