Thursday, 3 February 2011

Which US cities have the best salary-to-rent ratios for IT professionals?

Here is the ranking calculated based on effective rent on apartment by each metropolitan area, divided by IT employees' average salary. Sunbelt and Rustbelt cities with low average rent (such as Dallas, St. Louis, Houston, Columbus, Phoenix, etc..) are offering relatively low rent compared to IT salary.

the salary of Tech employees via CyberCities 2010 report from TechAmerica Foundation. http://www.techamericafoundation...

2011 National Apartment Report by Markus & Millichap

HOWEVER, please note the following issues on this comparison.

- IT salary is usually 50% higher than average salary in each metropolitan area. Therefore those who are making average IT salary tend to live in more upscale apartment than average ones. Therefore the rent ratio should higher.

- New York City rent is based on Manhattan rent. If you are to include broader New York metro apartment rent, it should be drastically lower than $2901 effective rent.

Hope it helps!

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