Thursday, 9 April 2009

Best Cities to Live in 2009 ( has introduced their first "Best Cities to Live in". The ranking is based on criteria such as population of singles, number of college graduate women, how late bar/night club opens, heart related disease, cost of living, ration of women Vs. men, cost of pint of beer, etc.... Due to global economy crisis, the cost of living and economic stability seems to carry greater weight than they might have in different circumstances.

Below is the ranking of cities --- due to Obama effect, Chicago is chosen as No.1 Cities for men. Vibrant professional sports scene, art, music and movie festival, exiting restaurants and economic stability contributed to Chicago's win. I also think that Chicago's restaurant scene is quite exciting. I miss Alinea and Schwa!

1. Chicago
2. Barcelona
3. San Francisco
4. London
5. Sydney
6. New York
7. Berlin
8. Hong Kong
9. Copenhagen
10. Paris
11. Vancouver
12. Rome
13. Buenos Aires
14. Tokyo
15. Toronoto
16. Miami
17. Madrid
18. Vienna
19. Los Angeles
20. Motreal
21. Panama City
22. Portland
23. Lyon
24. Melbourne
25. Tel Aviv
26. Santiago
27. Cape Town
28. Hamburg
29. Edinburgh

San Francisco is ranked No.3 best cities to live for men. says that "The city’s boy-to-girl ratio (male: 51%; female: 49%) doesn’t seem promising at first, but remember this is San Francisco, so you can shave a good 8% to 10% off the competition right there".

While I think this ranking is very subjective (Vs. scienetific), I think it is interesting to see how "Frat Boys" wants from city life!

On the last note, most of these cities in ranking are known for quite high real estate price. However, real estate price in the cities like Chicago, Berlin and Montreal is still quite affordable. If you can suverve in severe winter weather for 6 months of year, they maybe best cities for you to live in!

Happy Investing!!!!

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