Saturday, 25 April 2009

Top 250 US Wealth Centers

This ranking is from Business Journal about wealthy town in USA. This ranking exclude wealthy neighborhoods in large cities (such Beverly Hills) so I think it is incomplete. But it is good data to know.

Here is Top 10 towns!

1. McLean, Va.
No U.S. city enjoys a wider range of affluence. Typical household income is $156,292. Typical home is worth $863,700.

2. Lake Forest, Ill.
Five percent of households in this Chicago suburb have annual incomes in excess of $1.15 million. Median is $150,670.

3. Saratoga, Calif.
Residents of this San Jose suburb love to drive. One-seventh of all households have four or more vehicles, leading the top 10.

4. Potomac, Md.
Sits across Potomac River from top-rated McLean. Has top 10’s biggest share of large homes: 55 percent have nine-plus rooms.

5. Darien, Conn.
Leads the nation in per capita income at $97,047, which is nearly four times the national average of $26,178.

6. Westport, Conn.
Unsurprisingly similar to Darien, eight miles away. Per capita income is a shade lower (though still very high) at $90,034.

7. Garden City, N.Y.
One of only nine U.S. communities where more than 35 percent of all households have annual incomes above $200,000.

8. Mountain Brook, Ala.
Education levels are higher here than anywhere else in the top 10. Eighty-one percent of adults hold college degrees.

9. Los Altos, Calif.
Located 12 miles northwest of No. 3 Saratoga. Median household income of $158,745 is third-highest in all of America.

10. La Canada Flintridge, Calif.
Million-dollar homes are common in the Los Angeles area’s top entry. Twelve percent of households have at least four vehicles.

These are towns with HNWI (high net worth individual) thus real estate seems to hold fairly steady in these towns. If you have $1 million in downpayment, it maybe very secure investment.

Happy Investing!!!

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