Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Best State for Business has announced 2009 The Best State for Business. They ranked states based on the following criteria; Litigation; Fortune 500; Tax Climate; Cost of Living; Cost of Labor; Economy; Quality of Life; Education.

- Texas again has been chosen as No.1 state and did well in Litigation, Fortune 500, Tax Climate, Economy and Quality of Life.

- Other states did well in this ranking are Virginia(proximity to Washington DC and its funding), Utah(Litigation, Tax Climate & Quality of Living) and South Dakota (Tax Climate, Labor Cost & Quality of Living).

- On the contrary, large economy - high cost states such as New Jersey, California and New York did poorly and ranked bottom 10. No wonder many business are out-migrating from these states to above-mentioned business friendly states.

This data clearly suggest advantage and era of Texas.

Happy Investing!!!!

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