Sunday, 14 June 2009

How the Obamas Made Washington Hot!

Following my posting about how Washington DC is now awash with money, Washington DC is also HOT in terms of glamorousness!!!

According to, DC is suddenly a magnet for Hollywood starlets, reality TV shows and high-profile idealists wanting to get in on a little high-minded action.

After splitting from The Office nice guy John Krasinski, Parks & Recreation star Rashida Jones, 33, has been hanging with President Obama's 28-year-old speechwriter Jon Favreau. "It's not serious," a source reveals, but they are an item. Meanwhile, taking a break from her doctor duties at the Oceanside Wellness Center, Private Practice star Kate Walsh, 41, has been spotted cuddling with another young administration hotshot, Sean Smith. How's this for a title? Smith, 38, is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

I guess pretty women always follow money and power!

Anyway, It is amazing how one man can change the branding of Washington DC so fast and so dramatically. No wonder central Washington DC's real estate market is quite steady.

Happy investing!!!!

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